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Delegate your stake to us, to earn high and safe rewards – risk free! 

Run your own stake pool

Help the Cardano protocol by running your own stake pool, and help decentralize the system

EPIC will keep all pools running on the ITN!

See you on mainnet

Ticker: EPIC

Open for delegation


Ticker: EPIC2

Open for delegation


Ticker: EPIC3

Open for delegation


In order to maximize your rewards when staking with Epic Stake Pool, you should always delegate to an open pool. This will give much higher rewards!



Get updates on the pool and great tips, to keep you happy staking with us.

about the project

How we help

We are all about the community. Our vision is for all holders of ADA to be engaged in securing the network and staking their ADA.

We help educating the common user, in order to make it easier for them to stake their ADA, and to help secure the Cardano protocol.

Delegate your stake to us, and we will pay you high rewards. It is risk free to delegate your stake, and you will earn interest by simply holding your ADA.

How are we different?


Top developers with long experience in DevOps and security.


Epic Stake Pool use the best practices to keep the pool always-on and safe from attacks.

Giving back

The community will drive Cardano forward, and we need to help educate and nurse the next generation of Cardanians.

“... It's fantastic to see the initiative from Epic Stake Pool, in helping the community in starting a pool! It will greatly benefit all parties involved!...”
Albert James
Cardano Enthusiast

Better future with Cardano

Most people know that the Bitcoin network use more power than a small country. Cardano reach about the same level of security, but with only the power of a large household. Think about that for a second!